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Post  Cyer on Thu May 27, 2010 2:24 pm

Name :Ramón (Cyer in game)
Age :17
Time Zone :Eastern
How long you have been playing Allods : about a month
Experience with MMO's/past mmo's played : Runes of Magic on Osha
Name of player who can give you a recommendation : don't know anyone well enough, just a few players I've seen in Asee Teph and Bort Q.
Can you work in a group? : Yes
Do u have Ventrilo and Mic? :Yes and Yes
What Build are you planning to run with? ( Ex: DPS/HEALER/TANK ) :
Amount of hours you plan on dedicating a week to play : 30-35 hours a week
Your previous guilds ? : Redemption, Superiority Complex
Do u have MSN or something that i can contact u back ? :


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