Wrench's Application (In this topic: Defectors)

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Wrench's Application (In this topic: Defectors) Empty Wrench's Application (In this topic: Defectors)

Post  TheImperialGibberling on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:08 pm

My character I'd like to apply for (Wrench) is currently under-levelled at 18, though rising fast. This is more of a "sticking my foot in the door" ahead of time to say I'm very intrested in joining at some stage.

Of course "Why would I consider myself any different to the other 300,000 under-30's out there and get away with applying early". Well, I already have a level 40 and a fair bit of heroic experience... with the other side as a League Psionicist (Twitch), but recently had a change of heart. I only joined the league as thats where my real life friends signed up (But quit shortly after during the 1.7 protests), and gibberlings were a pretty fun concept. But 40 levels in a cutesy racial with the new friends I'd made didn't really make up for being stuck in a bland faux-medieval fantasy setting and easily hatable faction, not when the other side has so much cool stuff on offer (Steampunk-mecha-undead-transhumanists-with-drones-flying-astral-battleships!)

Hence I've decided to leave my cushy job as Myth's alchemist and jump ship to join the Empire.

Name : James
Age : 25
Time Zone : GMT +1
How long you have been playing Allods : From within a couple of weeks of open beta
Experience with MMO's/past mmo's played : Guild Wars (Extensively)
Name of player who can give you a recommendation : Skypirate... or ask Snack, Ajora, deebloK, Deity etc.
Can you work in a group? :Yes, I have past heroic experience
Do u have Ventrilo and Mic? : I have vent. Need a new soundcard though, not registering my mike

Character Name : Wrench
Class : Savant (Summoner)
Profession: Miner. Open to taking up a different profession to suit guild needs
What Build are you planning to run with? : Acid DPS for levelling, re-spec to whatever is needed at 40
Amount of hours you plan on dedicating a week to play : Too many xD (40+?)
Your previous guilds ? : Myth (League)
Do u have MSN or something that i can contact u back ? : MSN: ryuujin_0@Yahoo.co.uk

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Wrench's Application (In this topic: Defectors) Empty Re: Wrench's Application (In this topic: Defectors)

Post  Vtskyz on Fri Apr 02, 2010 3:04 am



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