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COSMO healer build Empty COSMO healer build

Post  Avenged on Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:37 pm

this is the build cosmo used to heal in astral during cb. sorry if its a little out of date.

ATm this is my build:

What my build is all about:
Build: Heal/Spec
foccused stats: INT, Faith, Luck, Endurance
Role: Stay behind, spam every1 with Perpetual healing, have Holy Rejuventation PRE-casted. Use Devout to heal fast spamming it on the tank.

Skills typed out:
+ increased intelligence
+ increased Wisdom
+ Increased Faith
+ chance for fanatisme not be gone but Halfed when skill used
+ Entreaty skil, Self-life-saver, low mana cost + anti aggro + nice self INSTANT self heal.
+ Divine Foresight, Buff placed on self or others wich heals them almost up to 100% health when player lower then 35%, life saver.

Skills + additional addons from the talents
Holy Blast: 100% Increased Crit effect + 60% CHANCE to heal myself back for 5k-7k(based on my 400 int)
Fanatisme: Nothing added to this just basic as it is.
Cleansing Flame: 150% crit effect increase + Increased dmg/heal normal effect by 45% + CF has 20% chance to give next HOLY attack by 20% + reduced mana consumption by 15%
Imperturbability: nothing added by talents, but the basic when casted is adding 50% more output of the next holy skill...heal/dmg Wink.
Devout Healing: 100% chance to crit increase + 60% Chance to let the "Seal of light"kick in wich heals target another 14k over the next 10 seconds.
Blind Faith: why not , always comes in handy, just level 1 to have it, no add-ons with talents.
Heavenly Smite: 100% crit effect added, just lvl 1 to do group knockdowns
Holy Shield: well healers are a favorite target.... nothing added talent wise = basic.
Perpetual Healing: 150% crit effect + 45% more normal output + reduced mana consumption by 15%
Divine Prayer 100% crit effect output.
Holy Rejuvenation 100% crit effect output.
Numbness: just another CC to keep other side healers busy Wink

My stats:
agi 97
luck 157
end 202
stam 310
int 400
percep 202
convi 198
will 211
rage 238
faith 323
wisdom 145

green = 2 main stats
olive = 3 stats that support my build


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