Dual Wield Dps/Agi Off tank

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Dual Wield Dps/Agi Off tank Empty Dual Wield Dps/Agi Off tank

Post  Avenged on Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:07 pm

So this is my new build for heroics and I am loving it so far. First off in order to get max effect of this build you will need at least 275 agility. All my other melee stats are over 250 now as well. So str, fin, exp, and luck are over 250 as well.

dual wield dps and agi offtank

Offtanking Rotation: Powerblow to fill up combat advantage. Use a rotation wrist shatter, fill the 16 seconds with agonizing blows as your finisher, when wrist shatter falls, intimidation, agonizing blows, wrist shatter when intimidation falls, agonizing blows, Bash when wrist shatter falls, agonizing blows, headbutt when bash falls. Wrist shatter should be back up when headbutt falls.

The theory is instead of having high armor and low chance to be crit, you mitigate the dmg through stony resolve, over 35% chance to dodge, and disarm/stun/intimidation. Obviously not as good as a paladin able to rotate and purge barriers, but I was kept up with one healadin, and a warden renew while Pint was taking blows as well.

Make sure that you are also spamming adrenaline rush, and motivating presence.

Your boss dps cycle is super easy.

powerblow till bleed, then pop agonizing blow. Make sure wrist shatter is up whenever possible. Because of the low energy use of dual wield you can pretty much throw in free kicks whenever it is up too. You do not get the knockdown effect but its extra dmg.

The reason I like dual wielding more is that bleed is almost always up on the mob, as well as the armor reduction debuff, this in turn means more group dmg as well as more personal dmg from larger antagonizing blows. Even though my weapon top end halved itself my agonizing blows were still within 2k dmg of when i was using a 2 hander, and I am able to use it 5x as often. You do eat more chunks off your armor debuff, but the uptime was about 30-40% higher then when i was using a 2 hander, plus the lower energy cost meant never having to wait to build combat advantage for wrist shatters, making the tank take the least amount of dmg possible. Also threat generation is ridiculously easy because you don't have to worry about that one huge miss in your rotation with a 2 hander.

This of course might change if I get an epic 2 hander, but as of right now the dmg isn't close to being comparable.


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