Good healer banger on league head applying

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Good healer banger on league head applying Empty Good healer banger on league head applying

Post  krio on Fri Apr 09, 2010 7:31 am

Krio - Heretic - 26 and rising fast

Name :David
Age :28
Time Zone :+0 GMT
How long you have been playing Allods :Since CB started
Experience with MMO's/past mmo's played :L2, Archlord and a lot of Rappelz
Name of player who can give you a recommendation :Its a little dificult because i dont know if i know someone of this guild (Miss the Guilds tags)
Can you work in a group? :sure, im used to in my guild in rappelz (name OneSky)
Do u have Ventrilo and Mic? :Errm my mic got broken but i can go ventrilo
What Build are you planning to run with? ( Ex: DPS/HEALER/TANK ) :Well melee healer with a little mix of healing
Amount of hours you plan on dedicating a week to play :20h per week
Your previous guilds ? :i was in one on CB but on Leagu part( Legion was the name), and on this was in Legato (but most of them was offline.. was like solitude in guild chat)
Do u have MSN or something that i can contact u back ?

I know you might not recruit me because of lvl but dont worry i lvl fast...

Regards to all


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