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Notes on Suppliers guild rep Empty Notes on Suppliers guild rep

Post  Granthunder on Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:56 pm

Just making a thread so we can help consolidate information for those going for a 2nd profession.

I have experience with herbalism. It seems the herbs change with your levels.
So, for Herbalism, you will need:

Wilted Calendula from 10-19
Wilted Hops from 20-29
Wilted Mint then 30-39(40??)

It will take MONTHS to complete the rep for the 2nd profession(I have 73 days to go), but it's something to do Wink. I am hoping if I go Alchemy, a lot of the quest items I can gather that show to be a Blinding Agent can be used for my potions, which will make the first hundred levels or so almost free.


Wilted Calendula : You make a lot of runs from Bort to Yasker's Tower around these levels and there are several nodes along the way to gather at. Just hit them coming and going andx you'll be fine.

Wilted Hops : I found the nodes right next to both of the Dead Sea teleporters and at the Wild Isles sufficient to gather enough for my needs. When you log in or any time you are near a telepoter, just pop around and gather at any nodes that are available.

Wilted Mint: I find myself making several passes through Eljune and Asee Teph to do chests and dailies and I just hit nodes as I go. The nodes in Eljune seems to hit Wilted Mint more. I'm still saving all "wilted" herbs until I hit 40 until i know if something else is needed or if Wilted Mint is it until the end.

Please share your experiences with other professions so we can all benefit.

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