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Storage Quest Alchem Spots ^^ Empty Storage Quest Alchem Spots ^^

Post  Vtskyz on Fri Apr 02, 2010 1:59 am


* Hadron Quarter: next to Agata Mestina & Leo Rever.
* Imperial Square: near couple of NPCs (Dmitry Saturdanov & Edgar Pipein).
* Victory Park: walking back and forth on small pathway NW part from the central statue.
* Old Square: near two Police Officers, Samuel Scalin & Stephen Gigantin.


* Nezebrag Port: main building 2nd floor. near two scientists, in front of statue.
* Old Barracks: in front of IMD private & Shrinka The Fierce.
* Dead Shore Training Camp: in front of flagpole.


* Imperial Training Camp: next to flagpole.
* Red Barracks: near statue, east side of camp, next to Klim Stag & Red private.
* Blue Barracks: walking north/south on "main road".
* Imperial Hospital: SW part, next to Ernest Grave.
* Necro-Incubator: at corner of Necro-rhino fence, near Nomarkh Khaldun.


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