Sutekh's Tri-element CC/minor DPS/Def Mage spec

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Sutekh's Tri-element CC/minor DPS/Def Mage spec

Post  Sutekh on Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:17 pm

Unlike most mages, I believe that using all three elements and being able to use them effectively instead of focusing on one or another shows off the brunt of what the class can be. As is such, my build is focused around that:

This is a build that is made to not be heavily relied on as sole CC(defining CC as anything that helps control the opponent, not only relating to stopping agressive attacks), but as a disher of many status effects, which can, and is, extremely helpful in PVP/E.

It's also built around my particular play-style as a back row player, and excels when I have a proper team to support, but also does solo work extremely well: Coupled with a 60%ish chance to crit and an under 10% chance to be resisted, this build shines outright.

Thunderbolt is there solely for filler, it has no place in my rotation, shocking grasp is used extremely rarely and is only used when I need it quick for thunder entrophy, otherwise, my main skills in this rotation are:

Fire Arrow, Ice Flow, Ice Quake, Conflagrate, and Prism Lightning. Fire wall is used mostly situational, as is Prism lighting in cases where an AoE is not desired.

With a Psi boosting my natural Perception, CCing is not an issue with a level 2 Ice Grave, nor is my build specifically to dish out heavy DPS except in crits. It's meant for Additional damage and focused Control, not multi-control, since 2 cc's removes a mages ability to DPS effectively and adds in an extremely unnecessary margin of error(Auto-retargeting when a mob dies), that can instead be covered by a psi much easier and much more effectively. I try not to rely on my Ice grave/artic shock in PVP, but can be seen Ice quaking+ Hypothermia-ing people to death in a very annoying manner.

It's pretty much perfected now. One ruby left out because it is the Judge ruby, and I don't expect to ever get it.

Snowstorm: worthless for each mage to get, others have it, I don't need it, and I feel Firewall is a better channeled aoe for its worth.

Fire trap: I'm not leveling, and it doesn't interest me, and it's hella out of the way.

Purge/Dispel: Doesn't work against the things I'd want to remove most(dots) so I left them out.

That's about it.


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Re: Sutekh's Tri-element CC/minor DPS/Def Mage spec

Post  Avenged on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:50 pm

wall of text hits you for over 9000!


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